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Product Name

Cerami Town Mild


Forms a complex body of ceramic (inorganic base) and arylic resin (Organic base) film which has extraordinary film performance and can prevent pollution on walls.

- Weather Resistant
- Resistance to Mould and Algae
- Low Dirt Collection
- High Durability
- Outstanding Workability

Surface Preparation:
1. Surface should cleaned and polished, by Mirac #100 Thinner, unless it is free from dirts, oil, chemicals, finger prints, and corrosion.
2. Mirac #100 Thinner would be recommended for cleaning the tools for painting works.
3. If thinning is required, please consult your nearest SKK sales office for details.

Application Data:
No. of Component: One
No. of Coat: Two

0.12 - 0.15 kg/m2/Coat
0.24 - 0.30 kg/m2/2 Coats

Overcoating Interval: 24 hours
Method of Application: Roller, Brush or Spray

Packing Style:
15 kg/can

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