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SK Kaken Co., Ltd. was founded as Shikoku Kagaku Kenkyusho in 1955, aiming to create something useful for the society. Since then, we have committed ourselves to the development of new technology, new products, and new market demand. In 2015, the company is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

The company started the business by recycling solvent (purifying hazardous waste solvent by distillation and changing into new solvent ) and developing water-based architectural coating. We changed the company name to Shikoku Kaken Kogyo Co., Ltd. We developed sand-wall-like coatings and ceramic tile-like coatings by using inexhaustible ceramics as well as spray tile coatings that shortened a work period. Thus, we kept developing new materials to meet the market demand of the time.

After the first oil crisis, we started the research of inorganic materials, changing our direction from organic to inorganic. We made a great success in developing the world-first inorganic intumescent materials, which later led us to developing fireproof coating for steel frame. We also established our overseas sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia for operating the global business. In 1984, the company achieved the No.1 market share in Japan, and still keeps the position.

In 1991, we changed the company name to SK Kaken Co., Ltd. Ceratight series – our patent products – began the era of super dirt resistant exterior coating. We have put numerous innovative products on the market such as heat reflective coating, floor coating, and Japan’s first fireproof coating. SK Kaken has made remarkable progress as an architectural coating manufacturer, providing a comprehensive range of products.

In recent years, we have been expanding the market through technology innovation such as developing alternative materials for natural stone and comfortable high-grade decorative new materials.

'Saving labour and energy’, ‘fire prevention and earthquake-resistance’, ‘improving asset value’, and ‘high environmental friendliness’, which are desired all over the world. With these goals, SK Kaken will strongly lead the architectural coating industry. Our commitment is based on our original company philosophy ‘Create something from nothing’. The world keeps changing. We will cope with the changes, create new market demand and turn a crisis into a chance. We will contribute to creating the world architectural culture.

Minoru Fujii
Founder and Chairman
SK Kaken Co., Ltd
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