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As a leading global building coatings, special coatings, chemical paints, architectural material manufacturer, following the global desire to the increasing demand and expectation of architectural coatings, and also the increasing concern to the environmental protection, residential environment and urban landscape, we strongly believe that we are able to promote high technological development and quality assured products positively in order to create a better living environment.



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Business Field


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Architectural Coating

53% share in Japan (Statistics by NSK Jan. – Dec. 2022)

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Decorative Coating

It comes in a wide range of premium grade decorative coatings which can be applied to both internal wall and building facades. It exhibits a long lasting protection to buildings while upkeeping its aesthetic outlook.

Special Coating

Possess super durable and organic-based functional properties suitably for various types of substrate. It’s diversified range comes in the form of water-borne, solvent-borne and others; allowing multiple usage.

Architectural Paints

The co-polymer form of water-borne and solvent-borne flat coatings come in a gloss, semi-gloss, matt and clear finishes.

Solvent and Chemicals

Development of special resins, chemical solvents and thinners for multi-purpose usage.

Interior Coating

Environment-friendly is the main concern of our interior coatings which exhibit a long lasting protection to interior wall. It offering a wide range of functional and elegant coating.

Civil Engineering / Renovation Coatings

Our coatings not only provide protection from building degradation, but also help to improve the appearance of the building façade. SKK has developed a wide range of special feature coatings catering of restoration of bridges, flyovers as well as retaining walls.

Floor Coatings, Roof waterproofing Coatings

Super durable and anti-dust floor coatings as well as roof waterproofing materials offering a wider range of building material selection. It can be of water-borne and solvent-borne; available in wide range of color selection.

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