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SK Premium Silicone


SKK proudly presents high-quality premium coating through the latest technology - Triple Guard Effect. The three elements which are (1) high-density inorganic shield layer and (2) high-density organic shield layer, and (3) super weather resistant special hybrid silicone resin form a strong layer preventing paint film deterioration caused by UV rays, oxygen, and water, also, provides long time protection of exterior wall.

- Low maintenance cost
- Dirt Resistant
- Anti fungus
- Anti Algae
- Glossy finish
- Excellent workability
- Durable
- Single Liquid Form
- Economical

Surface Preparation:
Surface shall be dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and foreign matter. Surface unevenness, cracks etc. shall be made good with our cementitious filler.

Application Data:
No. of Component: One
No. of Coat: Two

0.15 - 0.175 kg/m2/Coat
0.30 - 0.35 kg/m2/2 Coats

0 - 10% by weight with water

Overcoating Interval: 24 hours
Method of Application: By W-2 Roller, Brush, Spray

Packing Style:
15 kg/can

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