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SK Floor Filler


SK Floor Filler is a three-component epoxy resin based cement filler to make good or recondition uneven surfaces and cracks. A tough material with good mechanical properties, SK Floor Filler penetrates deep into the concrete with its ease of application. It improves the subsurface resistance against alkali, solvents, salt water and other chemicals. SK Floor Filler also promotes high bonding strength for the subsequent application of epoxy coating.

- Low absorption of water
- Hairline crack resistance
- Strong impact and abrasion resistance
- Excellent adhesion and cohesion strength
- Improves chemical resistance

Application Data:
No of Component: Three
No. of Coat: One - Two

1.80 - 2.10 kg/m2/coat (1mm thickness)
3.80 - 4.20 kg/m2/coat (2mm thickness)

Mixing Ratio (by weight ratio): by KG
10 : 2 : 1

Overcoating Interval: 24 hours
Method of Application: By Roller or Trowel

Remark: Apply SK Floor Filler Primer before application of SK Floor Filler or after applied SK Floor Filler prior to any topcoat application.

Packing Style:
Powder 20 kg/bag
Hardener A 4 kg/can
Hardener B 2 kg/can

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