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Water-based high build acrylic resin texture body coat incorporating natural granite chip. It creates a granite feeling texture coat, ideal for commercial and residential buildings and suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

- Creates a natural granite finish
- Elegant and durable as real granite
- Forms a hard body texture that is excellent against abrasion and scratch
- Excellent colour retention due to its usage of natural granite chips
- Excellent weather resistance combined with SKK clear top coat
- Light weight and versatile in designs
- Economical compared to granite

Surface Preparation:
Surface shall be dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and foreign matter. Surface unevenness, cracks, etc. shall be made good with our cementitious filler.

Application Data:
No. of Component: One
No. of Coat: Two (Single Colour) - Three (Double Colour)

4.60 - 5.50 kg/m2/2 Coats (Single Colour)
5.20 - 6.10 kg/m2/3 Coats (Double Colour)

0% - 2% by weight with water

Overcoating Interval: 24 hours
Method of Application: By Spray

Packing Style:
20 kg/can

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