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Product Name

SK EL Coat W


- Bridge-Link Combination that it has tight molecule combination and makes it possible to achieve high durability and alkali resistance performance
- High Performance for water proof
- Environmentally friendly Since water Based paint, it gives low odor and safe
- Apply by roller/ spray / brush, thus easy handling and economy
- Variety of color selection

Surface Preparation:
Surface shall be dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and foreign matters. Surface unevenness, cracks etc. shall be made good with our cementitious filler.

Application Data:
No. of Component: One
No. of Coat: Two

0.15 - 0.20 kg/m2/coat
0.30 - 0.40 kg/m2/2 coats

0 - 20% by weight with water

Overcoating Interval: 2 hours, max 24 hours
Method of Application: By Roller, Brush or Spray

Packing Style:
15 kg/can

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