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Product Name

SK Elastic Premium Filler


A water-based elastic surfacer easier handling with flexibility and the higher performance to protect the substrate. In addition, the combination of the highly weather resistant topcoat and the substrate protective surfacer contributes to the extension of service life of buildings and the maintenance cycle.

- A wide range of availability
- Shortening of construction period
- Excellent flexibility
- Workability

Surface Preparation:
Surface shall be dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and foreign matter. Surface unevenness, cracks etc. shall be made good with our cementitious filler.

Application Data:
No. of Component: One
No. of Coat: One

0.20 - 0.5 kg/m2/Coat (Wool roller)
0.5 - 1.0 kg/m2/Coat (M9 Roller)

5 - 8% by weight with water (Wool Roller)
2 - 8% by weight with water (M-9 Roller)

Overcoating Interval: 4 hours
Method of Application: By Roller

Packing style:
15 kg/can

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