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Cheung Ling Mansion

Location: 3-13 Nullah Rd, Mong Kok

Completed an external wall renovation project with Mural Graphic in 2024
Lena Excellent Roller
Elastic Compo Urethane W

Graphic Designed & Joint By: ION Design Studio Limited (
Special thanks to Mr. Luk)

Project Manager:
Mr. Eddie Cheung

Despite being around for more than 50 years Chang Ning Building, it is well managed, has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation, the surrounding communities are peaceful and harmonious. Upon receiving the mandatory building inspection order, the Corporation promptly completed the public tender process and appointed professionals to plan and supervise the overall renovation project, with the goal of enhancing the quality of the building facilities.
To ensure a peaceful and content environment for the owners of Cheung Ning Building, with minimal inconvenience and maximum comfort. our corporation, committee members and owners attach great importance to this overall renovation project and work together to design and select exterior walls with regional characteristics. Art mural.
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