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Special roller coating system

Fair-faced concrete-look coating system - Special roller specification


CERAMI RC-FR system is a new concrete-look coating system that revives the feel and texture of fair-faced concrete with a unique coating. Acrylic silicone resin is adopted for mid-coat and clear topcoat. Fluorine resin based clear topcoat can be also chosen, so it provides excellent weather resistance and prevents carbonation. The full water-based system from undercoat to topcoat can be applied with a roller. It is excellent in on-site workability and safety.

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Super durability,
super weather resistance
Cerami RC-FR System-2.jpg
Dirt resistance
Cerami RC-FR System-3.jpg
friendly & safe
Cerami RC-FR System-4.jpg
Colour variation
Cerami RC-FR System-5.jpg
Alkali resistance
Cerami RC-FR System-6.jpg
Acid resistance
Cerami RC-FR System-7.jpg
Cerami RC-FR System-8.jpg
Short work period
Cerami RC-FR System-10.jpg
Easy workability
System Composition
Cerami RC-FR System-9.jpg
Standard Colours Sample
Cerami Crete-4.jpg
Cerami Crete-6.jpg
Cerami Crete-8.jpg
Cerami Crete-7.jpg
Cerami Crete-5.jpg
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